Comic 22 - Chapter 1: Page 11
Thursday, the 22nd of May at 1:40 PM, 2014 in Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Page 11
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Author Notes:
RyoshiMicchi edit delete
And that ends chapter 1.
Aaaaaand Child's Eyes will go on a hiatus for a while.
The reasons are plentiful, but mostly, it's time and personal issues.
The hiatus will end when I uploaded the last page of the current Nachtmährchen chapter, it might even end a bit before that.
I might post another thing here with some previews of the next CE chapter.
Uhm, yeah that's it, seeya!
User comments:
KarToon12 edit delete reply
Nice work! I love the effects of the fire/explosion. Can't wait to see where this goes next.
RyoshiMicchi edit delete reply
Thank you :3
The fire and smoke took the most time on this.

The sad thing is that this page was already finished much earlier, but my computer was under repair for a while.
Stever edit delete reply
Great chapter. Good luck!
RyoshiMicchi edit delete reply
Thank you very much^^
I wish you good luck with your comics, too!