Comic 21 - Chapter 1: Page 10
Saturday, the 5th of April at 4:40 PM, 2014 in Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Page 10
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Author Notes:
RyoshiMicchi edit delete
Alright, I'll write more about this later, but I have decided to put Child's Eyes on hiatus for a while once this chapter is over.
It won't be that long, hopefully, and I will concentrate more on Nachtmährchen during the hiatus.
User comments:
DreaminInsomniac edit delete reply
I love your use of texture! It really adds to the pages.
RyoshiMicchi edit delete reply
Thank you very much :3
KarToon12 edit delete reply
Nice job on the rain effects. :D
RyoshiMicchi edit delete reply
Do you mean the raindrops or the misty-ness? Because I made the raindrops with that raineffect thingy in mangastudio
Stever edit delete reply
How many pages are in chapter 1?
RyoshiMicchi edit delete reply
There is only one more page
Caranella edit delete reply
I like the faces in panels eight and nine a lot. It seems to be the sort of style you would see in an animated series.